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FORK SERIES, January 2021

When you get a concussion from a skiing accident but you are still wanting to be a working gotta find something that doesn't hurt the head or the eyes too much!

So, I decided to do some small, whimsical, ink and watercolour paintings: work that wasn't as detailed or as time consuming as my large acrylic on canvas work. I had to dip back into my mind's eye and rely less on the photographed image and more on my instinct and imagination. This turned out to be a great journey for me! I love the immediacy and fluidity of watercolour; it is truly one of my favourite mediums. I was also able to create some art that was more affordable and accessible to a larger audience. I am having so much fun creating FORKS with various messages and colours. I have clients now contacting me with a specific colour scheme in mind, or a request for monogrammed handles. I love playing with the family's initials and designing their custom monogram. All the work is hand-drawn so every fork is unique and all the monograms are my own hand-writing.

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