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Taking the art class outside to insure COVID safety! December -April 2021

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

“Before living in Collingwood, I was a high school art teacher. Now I am focusing on making my own art but I volunteer at a small private school in town, The Home School House: teaching art skills and mixed media explorations to elementary school children. I have had to alter some of my old high school lessons to accommodate the younger age group but my students are excited to be creating and exploring, especially now. AND I have had to take my little art class outside to keep everyone COVID safe. We have made potato print Holiday cards, iced sun-catchers and these fantastic ice sculptures, using natural materials we collected on hikes and a little bit of food colouring!

With warmer weather we have been doing a wonderful photography unit: exploring the fundamentals of photography and developing composition skills with weekly challenges that are changing and enhancing the way we see our world.

Now that we are in lockdown and school has gone online, I am exploring new ways that I can connect with my little group to keep them creative. I will be taking my lessons online and re-developing old lessons once again to suit an ever-changing world. You can lock us down but you can't take away our creativity!

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